ILM's 2005 collaborative mix project hoonja-doonja!

February 13, 2005, "Tipsy (glitch mix)"

It's difficult to imagine what another world's pop music would sound like when our pop music is often so strange and otherworldly. Would this other world latch on to our most banal, earthly sounds? Would Jeff Tweedy be their Timbaland? Or would their Top 40 be even stranger than ours? Becuase it suits my purposes, I'm going to assume the latter--this theoretical world would expand on the futuristic sonics and bizarre tropes that dominate our charts. And what better place to start than's J-Kwon glitch mix. Of course the huge drums are still there, no reason to fuck with the rhythm, but J-Kwon's vocals were never really that interesting, were they? This world doesn't need our bad McDonald's puns, so they get sound effects and pitch-shifts. We still require J-Kwon presence to be entirely comfortable with those beats, but, to them, he's just another instrument. We need to be willing to make these kinds of changes if we want to even begin to address our pop star trade deficit with future and other worlds.

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