ILM's 2005 collaborative mix project hoonja-doonja!

February 03, 2005

Herbert, "Leave Me Now"

Well, Herbert, in his inimitable way, may just be the very definition of chutzpah. What with P.C.C.O.M. and all. And because of lps full of Bodily Functions a la his contemporaries Matmos. Maybe you'd be tempted to write him off for conceptual pomposity alone, but then you'd miss his wonderful music and his deep and funky dj sets.

It was surprisingly hard to come up with a follow-up to the previous track, but I chose this one because the lyrics make a nice riposte to losing control, the analytical phase after the meltdown, and the music reflects the body's sensuality against you on the dancefloor in a disco-dub wasteland you go to when you're sick of thinking.

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