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February 15, 2005

Javine, "Best Of My Love"

The back story of Poor Javine, for those of you who weren’t enraptured by ITV1’s Popstars: The Rivals in the autumn of 2002: widely seen to be the most ‘talented’ contestant, she was controversially voted off the show the week before the final five girls were declared the winners. Those final five went on to become Girls Aloud, reigning queens of Popism, Poptimism and the UK charts. Javine Hylton went on to enjoy a very, very brief solo career before getting unceremoniously dropped by her record label. All together now: poor Javine!

It's probably scant consolation, but the girl who could've been aloud made the most slept-on single of last year, a monster disco anthem which sees her play the wronged woman to perfection. No, it's not that "Best Of My Love" - it's better. Replete with majestic, heady whooshes (oh, those whooshes! How good would they sound in a club? Very good, that's how good) and a pace which seems to get ever more frenetic as Javine's fury rises, it's mind-boggling that it didn't conquer the world. The city-flattening middle eight alone - 'I'm done with it! And I'm over it! And I'm through with it! And I can't believe I ever was a fool for you!' - should have been enough to cement this as Bona Fide Classic In The Vein Of "I Will Survive". Her earrings on the front cover were fabulous, too.

This single only barely cracked the UK Top 20. But in another world, this song established Javine as a star of such magnitude that there would have been no need to resort to the shoddy cover of Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away”, which was her next release – the final, desperate attempt to cling on to the mountain of pop stardom, and pretty much the final nail in her career’s coffin. Poor Javine.

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