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February 09, 2005

Romanthony, "Wreck"

Let's get one thing straight. Ask my mother (or her mother before her) and she'd tell you, chutzpah is more than a Yiddish variation of "spunk". Chutzpah is arrogance, audacity, cheek, bravery and nerve, rolled in glitter or dirt with middle finger proudly extended. Those lucky enough to possess it invariably never hold onto it for long.

Witness Romanthony, sometime Daft Punk vocalist. Where he now? Back in 2000, he made music like "Wreck", which made hundreds of people happy and thousands of people dance. I once played this as the final song in my one and only DJ set, which followed an evening of alt-country bands in Brighton, England. The club manager came over to tell me to finish up and, like a drunken idiot, I put this song on a second time and stood there grinning as he screamed at me to stop. My grandmother would have been proud.

(This one is for Nick Kilroy)

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