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March 09, 2005

The Raunchy Young Lepers, "I Opened The Package"

Secrets involving the Raunchy Young Lepers:

1) Lyrically: The location of the field is unknown, the kind of grass unclear. The woman herself is a mystery figure, as is her job. What is in the package is completely unknowable until revealed. The final line was probably unthought of by all involved until it was uttered.

2) Creatively: The Raunchy Young Lepers, who you can find quite a bit more about, should you dare, recorded most of their work either in a garage or, in the case of this song and those off its album -- if one can call an unreleased tape that, but it was 1991 and anything went -- in a bedroom, away from the prying eyes and ears of concerned parents and friends. Said parents and friends still don't know the details, which is perhaps for the best. Last year I got to visit the garage and the bedroom in question -- it was like a holy pilgrimage for me, my own personal music hajj.

3) Contextually: For a long time the bandmembers themselves tried to put this all behind them -- 'this' meaning a two year career with about fourteen albums and an insane amount of spinoffs -- and to this day prefer that discussion of their work be done with their chosen psuedonyms (that's B.S. you hear singing the song while 28086 has a brief vocal snippet at the start, to name two of the core four). But one thing led to another and demand (of a sort) rose to the point wherein part of my own secret work for the long dead band involved 'remastering' their work for the digital realm with the assistance of friend and fellow RYL fanatic Mackron. My All Music Guide entries for band and albums aren't as secret as such but you sorta need to know they're there in order to find them.

4) For Sanity and Morality's Sake: because you don't want to know about "No, No, No!" -- or do you?

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