ILM's 2005 collaborative mix project hoonja-doonja!

March 12, 2005

Shape & Sizes, "Rain On My Face"

I don't know anything about Shape & Sizes. That's not the secret, though I guess it could be. There must be something about them in the sleevenotes to Decca's The Girls' Scene, the compilation on which this 1966 single can be found. It's in a cardboard box somewhere under my bed. One-miss wonders, I think. All I remember the notes saying was that the singer seems to prefigure the style of Sarah Cracknell. I guess that's right.

So, the secret is her tears, anyway. While he's there, she keeps the secret and says it's just the rain making her cheeks wet.

Then he's gone for good and she can tell him in absentia that it's not just the rain, not really. We kind of knew that already, and I'm sure he did too. And I suspect she knew we knew. Open secrets: the best sort of all.

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