ILM's 2005 collaborative mix project hoonja-doonja!

March 15, 2005

This Ascension, "August Rain"

Okay, admittedly, after Kylie and Tone Loc this isn't exactly a slam dunk. But I don't listen to ecstatic dance-pop and '80s pop-rap sensations. I listen to ethereal goth-rock bands on Projekt. Bands like This Ascension. But that's no secret. The secret is in the blurred perception of the lyrics, tangentially linked quatrains that alternate between musings on a broken relationship and spectral imagery, spilling and melting into one another so that you can't tell the difference; it's in the second verse, in how the bassist wanders detachedly while the layered vocals pile on top of one another, ghostly whispers gathering until crashing into the mournful chorus.

Of course I talk about this song all the time on ILM and nobody else does, so maybe the song itself just seems like a secret to me. Whatever. It's beautiful; listen to it.

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