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April 09, 2005

Organum, "Shin-En"

When you get right down to it, Organum has been the perfect moniker for the loose collective of merry pranksters led by David Jackman. There is just something about all of the music released under the name. It puts one in mind of open sores, internal bleeding, failing endocrine systems. Something is slightly ill, something a tad seasick about the creaky drones conjured up by Jackman and his cohorts. Even amidst Organum's more serene material -- and make no mistake, Organum's work on the whole is leagues above the garden variety shit-spew of the squatters down the block with their "denatured" pedals and household appliances -- there is an intimation of looming dread. That's the feeling one gets from this scary and beautiful music made by human beings taking up instruments in their hands and blotting out the sun. There is one hell of a robust method to this madness.

I'm actually not very big on the whole British noizenik nutball scene; your Stapletons, your Tibets. Never really been my steez. I only have two NWW records! I'm certainly no fan of the cult or whatever that attends to this stuff. My hangup, my loss, I am sure. But I guess above all, I'm just so impressed with Organum's attention to sound. BIG sound. Big sound filling up all the available space on the sonic spectrum with slowly bowed strings and shreiking metal and other grumblings that advance like a plague of locusts. Or maybe it's worms? Put it this way ... remember that scene in Temple of Doom when Indy and the kid are in that vault with all of the insects crawling and tumbling all over each other? Lucas & Co. should have totally made that scene like 5 excruciating minutes long, used Organum as the music, and then we might have had some serious-ass DREAD on our hands.

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