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February 02, 2005

Della Reese, "If It Feels Good, Do It"

The one abiding regret of my days as a club DJ in the 1988-89 "rare groove" era: that I never properly plugged this belter of a track to my mixed gay/lesbian/straight/bi crowd of MA1-wearing "Smash Clause 28" barricade-stormers.

To my continued astonishment, we then managed to get all the way through the 1990s and out the other side, without a David Morales or a Clivilles/Cole drafting in a Kym Mazelle or a Jocelyn Brown for the rattle-yer-freedom-rings circuit party remake. Good thing or bad thing? Ooh, I could swing either way.

Day-glo decals on brushed denim hotpants. Free your mind and your ass will follow!

Let-it-all-hang-out off-Broadway love-ins. Try a trio! Try a trio! To Capricorn and Pisces add a Leo!

Lurex gowns bursting through lamé disco-slash-curtains. I don't care what people say, I'm gonna do it anyway!

A lost anthem for a forgotten revolution.

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