ILM's 2005 collaborative mix project hoonja-doonja!

February 26, 2005

Fischer Z, "Room Service"

i look uneasy-thanks for asking, it's all right. watch the rasta jabs, run free out to the new day. roll over onto the dotted lines. streets fold in half end to end. static three-lane ways bend into katamari traffic stops. fruit stands from river beds into avenues. breakfast for three and the world is still asleep. spoons and plates, hotel double beds. it's all right. it's morning all night.

the center of the earth is a nyc coffee shop off of broadway, a squat in philly, a warehouse in berlin--the stoney dubby savior horns mined from 1980 will save us all. smooth down the corners of the shaking masses. jump the chain link fence at the end of the night. follow the dj and the games without genres. liberators are for suckers. some say only the translator camps will survive. photo id required. the more one eyed kings the better.

if only we knew. 'it may come late'- a half second teaspoon delay pill. its all right. pull the solo synth horn hand brake back to the primitive days. what is inconceivable at this second, will be gone but not forgotten tomorrow. just keep it on with the dancing. to the turn around time. arcade classic breaks. expiration dates on the lives of the famous. its all right. what are the odds on the pope making it alive to sunday? did they get him breathing on his own again last night?check the vegas line. put me down for a hundred. reverse the curse. operation disaster. resist cease and desist.

no expiration dates. no translations. no p.i.n.'s, no text messages please. all right? walk this song down to the end of the street. hail a cab to the top of the queue. four one way avenues take me to the start, for the rest of my life. hand picked songs go to rest, pieces fallen from the board. everyone keep on dancing. the queen goes eight different ways. the fruit doesn't hang low and faded anymore. who let that guy into the building? arabs in the hall---its all right, we go back, we're tight. the dance floor keeps me wired into sunday afternoon so i check for room service and put some clothes on before it gets here. it will be all right.

(posted by BB on behalf of kephm)

-disc 2 ends here-

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