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February 10, 2005

Lyrics Born with E-40 and Casual, "Callin' Out (remix)"

So you're an indie/underground rapper. That means you're supposed to stay uncommercial, stay conscious, stay away from that ignorant bling shit, say 'fuck the radio and mainstream.' You're definitely not supposed to sell your song as a jingle to giant corporations like Coca Cola or Motorola.

And so Lyrics Born's original version of "Callin' Out" sells mobile phones and diet cola. And he makes a remix that includes a mc notorious for both obscure slang and gangsta talk (E-40 is the Bay Area's Raekwon, if'n you ask me) and another most famous for losing a rhyme battle live on air. And it blows up Northern California for a lot of last year (or so I'm told from reliable sources.)

One more thing being indie/underground means: defying expectations and playing by your own rules. I call that chutzpah.

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